Miracle Leaves is created by a few long time kratom users and enthusiasts. we have been buying and using kratom for many years, and our major concern is the quality of the kratom from vendors. they are simply not consistent, sometimes way too strong, sometimes terribly weak. not to mention their packing and labeling just not professional. we are here focused on to improve these. we offer premium kratom powder, capsules  liquid, tinctures and extracts! we directly import premium kratom powder from Indonesia, and have strict requirement from our suppliers, to ensured the products are high quality and potent, and free from contamination. and we test every batch we receive, with 3rd party lab, to ensure the safety and quality of the products and the minimum level of alkaloid of 1.5%. our extracts products are made in USA, using the high quality raw powder we import from Indonesia, with the combination of traditional extraction method and modern technology, the result is absolutely above average. our best products are enhanced powder and kratom liquid extracts, these are absolutely the best in the US market. and we offer better services too, we have online live chat during the business operation hours, and answer emails within hours even minutes. we offer many payment options that includes credit card, echeck and bitcoin payment. and we also offer many shipping options, from united postal service and UPS, buyer can choose standard shipping to overnight delivery. see our shop page.